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Ginger Turmeric Hot Cacao Mix

Ginger Turmeric Hot Cacao Mix

Filled with adaptogens, prebiotics, nourishing roots and herbs, and all organic or wildcrafted ingredients. No added flavors, preservatives, or milk products. Lightly sweetened with your choice of organic coconut sugar, or organic ground stevia leaf.
Please send a message on Instagram to order until the online shop is officially open: @thesoulfulapothecary

Dairy Free
Keto Friendly
Vegan Option Available

This cacao blend is for the adventurer and lover of mmmm! unique flavor combinations.
When sipped, it has a warming and slightly spiced element to it that brings cozy vibes from the toes up!


Blend 1 TBSP of Cacao Beverage Mix with 1/4 C of hot milk of choice in a 6oz mug.
Whisk together to evenly blend.
Top off mug with hot milk and serve.
Flavors will become more prominent the longer the beverage sets.
Due to the raw nature of the ingredients, stir often to avoid separation.
For stronger drink, add more cacao beverage powder.
For a cold beverage, use hot water and allow to cool, place in fridge to chill or add ice cubes!
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