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Who We Are

Meet Your Herbal Alchemist, Amanda

My journey with wellness, slow living and herbs began when I was young.

I was raised on a pecan farm, where life was a little slower.

When I was 19 I studied to apprentice as a midwife. Although I did not continue with the apprenticeship, my studies stayed with me.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, adrenal burnout, ovarian failure, low testosterone, and sciatica.

Although I lived a healthy lifestyle, stayed active, ate well and used green cleanings supplies in my home as well as essential oils, my health was failing.

I didn’t know how to listen to my body’s messages.

It took experiencing a possible miscarriage to really wake me up to diving deeper into studying brain function, hormones and the effects of trauma and stress on the brain and body.

I was convinced that taking a pill for the rest of my life was not the answer for me and my symptoms.

I slowly began to trace all of my symptoms back to one root—trauma.

And thus, began the journey of a lifetime for me. One that has not yet ended.

I began to study the emotional components of essential oils and herbs. The energetics and how they interact with the human mind-body.

I began to purchase herbs and experiment with them, getting to know them and trying them in recipes, looking to see how they each made me feel and how they resonated.

I began studying herbalism and aromatherapy, and how we can support body, soul, and spirit by partnering with nature.

And now here I am today...

I have healed my hypothyroidism, ovarian failure and adrenal burnout and I am always learning and continuing to be amazed by everything nature has to offer us.

To learn more about Amanda's work visit:
A Note From Your Herbal Alchemist

I believe in mindful living, and my products reflect that. I take time and care with each blend and invest energy and soul into each one. Due to the nature of the ingredients, there will be variations in the products. This is part of what makes each order and each experience unique.

Settling of contents may occur during shipping. I recommend shaking the bag before emptying your herbs into a glass container for safe storage. Always store herbs away from direct sunlight, in a cool dry place.

As you slowly open your mail from my pantry apothecary, become aware of the sounds and sensations around you. Notice which scents waft from the package as you unbox your treasures.

Hopefully, your hot water is waiting and your favorite mug has been warmed. If not, a simple way to prepare your mug is to fill it with a 1/4 cup of hot water and let it sit while you prepare your herbs or cacao. Simply dump the water out and refill with fresh, hot water for your beverage. Now your mug will not cool your drink before it can have time to infuse properly.

As your drink steeps or rests, take a moment to deeply inhale the herbs and scents wafting from your mug. One of the fastest ways to communicate with our brains and mind-body is through the olfactory senses. Indulge this moment by taking the time to truly savor both the scents and flavors of your beverage.

Notice that some drinks are mildly bitter. (These are good for tonification and bile production.) Note that others are pungent or tart while others are sweet and citrusy. Others still are light and floral, or woodsy and spicy.

My wish is that every sip and every cup be a sensory experience as you nourish yourself with these herbs, adaptogens, shrooms and roots.

If you have needs or allergies that you would like accommodated and are unable to purchase a blend due to the recipe, please contact me and I would be happy to work with you.

Welcome, to my luxury apothecary.

Consultations with Amanda available for Customized Recommendations

Every Intuitive package, and custom blend of herbs or oils includes a free 15 consultation with Amanda via Zoom web conference. If you are local, it is possible to meet in person in the Gainesville area for tea.


“Getting to talk with Amanda about what I needed was such a blessing. I have never felt so seen and heard. The blend was lovingly crafted with oils carefully chosen to aid me. I wanted support with anxiety, depression, and sleep—and the first night I used it I slept so well and it was the first time in a long time that I wasn’t plagued with nightmares. And the blend smells magical. Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your intuition as you help people find freedom. You are an absolute gem!"

-- Alura Adams

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