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New Moon Alchemy

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The new moon is reflective of the death of the old so the new may come.

The night sky enters the tomb of darkness before the moon rises again.

All of nature is cyclical.

For every winter there is a spring; every death a rebirth.

The season of the dark moon or new moon, is reflected in a woman’s fertility cycle in menstruation.

Much as a snake sheds its old skin for new, the uterus contracts to shed its old lining.

It is a season of death, of darkness and of healing and cleansing. During menstruation, the shed blood cleanses, purifies and heals the womb.

It makes it ready for the next season, the follicular or “spring of the womb.”

Instead of despising menstruation or resisting death to the old, we learn to embrace it as a necessary disintegrating of the old chrysalis.

A time to cleanse, purify and renew.

This blend was crafted to support you in exactly that.

The herbs and oils I have chosen were carefully selected to assist you as you shed old linings, stories and narratives so that new beliefs and likewise, uterine lining, may be formed.

This recipe was formulated specifically to cleanse and renew. To uplift and to allow release to happen on every level—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I invite you to partner with Spirit as you apply this oil, to consciously cleanse yourself, free from old belief systems that no longer serve, from toxic relationships that have been parasitical, from old ego stories that hold you back.

As the blood washes the womb, see yourself being cleansed and flooded with healing as you soak and allow your healing and your cleansing to come easily.

A teacher once told me, “make it up like it’s easy!” and I have found this to be helpful at times when the narrative I am believing is that healing must be hard or come to me through difficulty.

As you anoint yourself with this oil, perhaps take a moment to honor the tears shed as we clear trauma from our nervous systems and family lineage.

The heavens become a womb for the moon, shrouded from view before it is born again.

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